An accidental octopus

It’s always a fun challenge for me to create something new and fresh.  Recently, I bought a blue duck cloth remnant and liked the idea of using it for a fish.  I sketched a “fish” shape onto the back side of the fabric with my fabric marker and after I cut it out (with pinking shears by the way), the “fish” was really short and wide.  Oops!  Not what I was going for.  I flipped it upside down and would you know it, an octopus! 

I quickly cut out another set of symmetrical tentacles to add to his body.  I then chose a yellow duck cloth for the eyes and mouth, so they would pop out against the blue.  I used pinking shears on these pieces as well to help against fraying.  I then cut out a piece of the green polka-dot that I previously used in my fabric fish tutorial to fit inside the picture frame as a background.  I really liked the green so I added another set of eyes, slightly smaller, on top of the yellow eyes to coordinate with the background.  Black felt pieces as pupils finished this sea creature off and I called it a day!  Not bad for remnants, scraps and a clearance-priced picture frame. 


Fabric octopus wall art



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